Hello, my name is John Lee.  There are three things that I am most passionate about in life: my faith as a devout Christian, my work as a computer programmer, and my hobby to ponder and appreciate about all things in cinema.  This is the blog that will help me pursue the third of my passions.

I have seen movies as one of the best mediums to learn things that I could not experience directly, feel emotions to help empathize with others, and even discover and gauge what my own values and virtues are.  To me, film is not only a fascinating form of visual entertainment but also a way to walk in the lives of others and share with their joy, tears, laughter, serenity, anxiety, enlightenment, amazement, horror, and more.

In starting this blog, I hope to share with others some of my appreciation of all things cinematic.  Some articles will be movie reviews, others may be goofy observations, and still others may be highlights on key figures in movies.  I hope you enjoy reading and thank you for visiting.